How to Throw a Great Anna Lou of London Party

Morning everyone! Hope everyone’s week is going well! But, if you are struggling to make it to Friday in one piece this week – how about planning ahead and start thinking about your very own Anna Lou of London shopping party? The shopping party is great way to get money off Anna Lou of London items and introduce friends to the brand for extra perks!   On the night of the event, you will receive a £25 voucher to spend online, as well as further discounts depending on what your friends spend. If you’re guests spend between £100-£799, you will get 10% of that figure, credited on your account… and if they spend £800+ the you will get 15% of that figure. So, say you collect £800 on the night of your do, that means you’ll get £120 credit, on top of your original £25 off voucher! And all you need to do is host a party! Pretty great right?   Anyways, to make the night a memorable one, here are my top 5 tips on hosting an Anna Lou Party to remember.  
  1. Drinks! But not too many! Keep it at a merry level so your pals can still stand to shop! Have a few cocktails in the same room as the jewellery to give them as much shopping time as poss!
  2. Cool cocktails! Give the girls something to Instagram! Whether it’s an attempt at an Espresso Martini or an easy breezy Sex on the Beach.
  3. Sweet set up! Another great Instagram opportunity! Lay the jewellery out all pretty on tea pots, mugs and plates – easy, pretty and fabulously British!
  4. Keep things entertaining! Put your ‘Girls Night’ playlist on Spotify and gush over Beyonce’s new song! Will fill all the silences whilst they look at the accessories!
  5. Lastly: Have fun! Don’t worry too much about selling, if you follow the previous steps, the selling part will just happen!
Hope you enjoyed this little post and are now feeling inspired mid week!  You can follow the link to the website for more info, or get in touch with me at any time if you need a hand. Enjoy the party planning! unnamed Shauna Cook (Social Media Intern)
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