The Most Used Instagram Hashtag Right Now

2016 is the year of the hashtag. Well, 2015 was the year of the hashtag too – the hashtag is just taking over. Social Media and the rise and fall of an instafamous #lifegoals, has left us with a whole collection of new vocab for the year. And as well as EVERY emoji, the hashtag is my new fave thing to do. It gets the conversation going, and gives me the easiest opportunity that my new Insta selfie does in fact have #nofilter. So following that, I thought I’d compile together Instagrams top ten hashtags right now. At number five, we have #friends, for all the cute BFF selfies. Perfect for when Instagramming in bars, museums and cafés with mates. At number four, there’s #yummy. We’ve all been there, you’re in a cool little coffee shop with exposed brick and wood interior, and the latte art was just too pretty not to snap. Can scrolling through the #yummy hashtag be considered a hobby? It’s definitely mine. #feelinghungry…

Another favourite, coming in at number 3… #throwback. Everyone loves a little nostalgia right? Throwback Thursday gives us the perfect opportunity to look back on special moments, funny memories or simply just a really great selfie. Just missing first place on my little hashtag hierarchy, is #lol, a timeless classic. You could say this one is what kicked off the crazy new take on the English Language, as is still one of the most used words daily. I’m definitely not the only one who sometimes slips up and says it out loud…

Finally, taking first place and THE most used Instagram hashtag right now is, wait for it……. #fashion. Yes, us Instagrammers care just that little bit more about our style. Fashion will always be our number one priority (kind of), here’s a few ideas’ on how to incorporate the hashtag into your style.

lifestylenofilter_wHashtag NOFILTER Necklace

lifestylenyc_wHashtag NYC/LONDON/TOKYO Necklace

Hashtag HAPPY Necklace

11420817_1606211122929895_1215422121_nHashtag RICH Necklace

  Shauna Cook (Social Media Intern)