Magpie like Tendencies: Jewellery with some serious sparkle

Sparkle game strong “Never let anyone dull your sparkle”; a mantra I could not agree more with. A. It’s a catchy and poignant quote. B. It just about justifies purchasing all the sparkly jewellery I can get my paws on. I'm sure these celebrities were in this mind-set when selecting an engagement ring. How could one resist a crystal the size of your face? You have to admire the one-one-one-upmanship. cherylkimlady gaga I cannot deny my own magpie like tendencies (just not the bit about eating other birds; google or don’t google it). Anything oversized and shiny needs to be: in my room, on my face, around my neck or in my life. Given a choice of accessories I will most likely pick the (most pink) ostentatious thing in the room/shop/showroom. Perusing through the Anna Lou of London stockroom I discovered all this treasure. Sparkle hair slide: I don’t think I’m too old for a sparkly hair clip. You are never too old for a sparkly hair clip. Nuff said. Birthstone jewellery. Each month gets better and better. Sorry October. I’m having a brief affair with yellow topaz at the moment so therefore pretty excited about November being just around the corner. initial_silv In conclusion (who even puts that in a blog post) when it comes to sparkle there is no such thing as "less is more" The bigger the bling the better. Well why do things in halves?. However if you prefer a sutler approach; clock these cute birthstone pendants. With Christmas fast approaching (67 sleeps and counting!)#sorrynotsorry, there is never a better time of year to deck yourself out like a Christmas tree and stock up on gifts with serious sparkle factor. Charlotte Letch