Mystical Jewellery which will leave you starstruck

  Gorgeous mystical jewellery from Anna Lou of London which will leave you star struck. Well why not treat yourself to an intergalactic accessory? DSC_0412 (1) Astrological bracelet £54 Not only are the astrological symbols very beautiful, dainty and elegant; the bracelet will be a lovely reminder of the affinity you  have with your zodiac sign. I’m not overly superstitious (I’m convinced the team at metro have competitions/an absolute field day seeing who can conjure the most absurd description for each weeks horoscope) in saying that everything I read about my star sign is eerily accurate. I actually wanted a small tattoo bearing my zodiac sign but I figured this option would be pain free and extra shiny. image2 Moon Necklace £54 Beautifully inscribed and probably one of the most unique necklaces I have had the pleasure of gawking at this year. I love the font. The interlocking components. And, bizarrely, I'm opting for one in gold.  Imagine this necklace draped over a black dress, layered with other dainty trinkets for an on trend and mysterious look. The mystical moon necklace would be an ideal addition to a Halloween costume; whether you are dressing as a witch, mystic-meg, fairy or simply sporting all black! I'm attending a wedding this Halloween, which is going to be spooktacular, and think that this necklace would look perfect with my little black (sequinned) party dress! original_engraved-star-charm-necklace Engraved Star Necklace £35 It’s never too early to be sporting this festive piece. I love this little engraved Silver Star pendant. A customer ordered one the other day and once again, my jewellery envy kicked in. Wear with a gold chain for two toned perfection or on a long statement silver chain to transform this subtle star into a dazzling statement piece. Anna Lou of London’s lucky star pendant comes with a ball chain which is highly polished and finished so it catches the light perfectly exactly like a shining star lighting up the night sky. Well these are my three favourite pieces of mystical jewellery from Anna Lou of London. Three gorgeous pieces of jewellery which deserve prime place on your wishlist. Charlotte Letch  
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