London on a budget: A Walk Through Wimbledon

Anna Lou in Wimbledon Seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the big city? I present a weekend excursion that won’t break the bank. A pocket of fresh air in the urban metropolis, this tranquil and serene haven transports you away from London to a quiet place where you can sit and reflect. Begin your journey at Wimbledon village where you can shop at designer boutiques (think Cath Kidston, Space NK and Whistles) and quaint green grocers toting amber coloured pumpkins and wildflowers strung together in bouquets. I had a great time indulging in a little retail therapy and even treated myself to a cute oyster card holder (#needsmust) adorned with adorable red squirrels! DSC_0492DSC_0488DSC_0505 For my Saturday stroll I wore; a cosy scarf, black jeans and an assortment of Anna Lou of London gold and rose gold stacking jewels. I’m glad I was wrapped up warm as there was a cold wind. However the sunlight warmed the area, making the park a lovely place to sit and relax; happy couples, groups of friends and families were dispersed amongst seats circling the lake. DSC_0493DSC_0479 Sitting on a park bench, there was a crystal clear view of aeroplanes taking off from Heathrow, a skyscraper of a reminder that you are in the heart of London. Moving further into the common, I began walking along hidden trails through dense woodlands arriving at a small clearing. There was literally no one around and the consuming quiet was blissful. There was an abundance of wildlife in the park, dogs, ponies, birds and even a delicate ladybird that high-jacked my micro-montage!. I walked home with a huge smile swiped across my face. The exertion, fresh air and green space had worked wonders. I thoroughly recommend Wimbledon common for a picnic, dog walk or jog (they have a park run every Saturday morning!). One more reason to love London. Wimbledon common contradicts the capital city stereotypes of noise, crowds and claustrophobia. The park is free, inclusive and one of the most beautiful things the city has to offer. Charlotte Letch