Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you are all enjoying your day, opening your presents, eating your Christmas dinner and spending time with your loved ones. When you're a child, Christmas Eve is arguably THE most exciting day of the year. Can you remember the feeling of going to bed so excited that you're unable to sleep, waiting for that small noise that will signal Father Christmas' arrival? Well the girls at Anna Lou of London have certainly been experiencing that kind of excitement this year. We are so thrilled that Christmas day is finally here! We hope you are all loving your gifts this year and that your celebrations are in full swing. The Christmas party hats are out, the festivities are flowing and everyone is having a merry old time. Us girls from Anna Lou are all dotted around the UK this year! Our very own Ellis is in the high hills of Scotland, Lavena is spending her Christmas in Paris France, Ooh la la! Sophie has gone to Nottingham, while Anna is also spending with her lovely family. Whatever you are doing today, the girls at Anna Lou wish you a Merry Christmas! 10624809_10152851124954144_215696567127824900_n Lots of love, The Anna Lou of London team x x x
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