Our new engraved collection comes in all different shapes and sizes. From Hamsa Hands and Bunnies to Stars and Hearts. The collection is available in sterling silver, 18k rose gold and gold plating. Choose from our choice of engravings and make this inscription your own. The perfect gift for a loved one, this collection is available in a necklace and earring design. A one of a kind piece that can be worn with anything, this inspirational engraved collection can have a different meaning to anyone who wears it. Tell your own story in our new Anna Lou of London range... heart necklaceheart earrings 'Happily Ever After. Hand in Hand. Till Death Do Us Part' These heart shaped earrings and necklace are the perfect wedding gift for a bride to be. rabbit necklacerabbit earrings 'Make Your Own Luck. Life is Luck. Make It' The rabbit pendant necklace and earrings are the perfect good luck charm for you to carry with you where ever you go! hamsa hand nchamsa hand earrings 'Joy, Lucky, Courage, Protection, Good Luck, Strength, Hope' These are just some of the meanings that The Hamsa Hand symbolises. This necklace and earring design are an elegant and understated way to tap into the Hamsa Hand trend. Keep all evil out with the Hamsa Hand collection. star ncstar 'Shoot For The Moon. If You Miss It You'll Land Amongst The Stars'. Shine like a star in these beautiful Shooting Star necklace and earrings designs. To View more of the Anna Lou of London collection, Click Here to be redirected to our website We'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you think to our Engraved Collection. By Sophie Wilson