Amy Valentine, is an edgy and stylish blogger that has made her mark on not only the fashion and online world but on Anna Lou of London.
Originally from Reading, Amy has been involved in fashion for quite some time and ironically it all started with jewellery.
While co-owing a jewellery company with her best friend, she started a blog just like many other shops did. Unlike many, Amy fell in love with the idea of blogs and had great inspiration for other fashion bloggers. Her love for fashion and music runs deep and its apparent on her blog where she showcases her fun personality mixed with her eclectic and original style. She always has a different look to show off and can rock pretty much any style, hence her awesome hair colour choices! Amy Valentine is a woman that cannot be easily categorised which is why we love her here at Anna Lou of London. She’s beautifully different and that is why we think she makes a perfect Anna Lou of London Ambassador. In the midst of summer, we had a great photo shoot with Amy and she showed the bright and beautiful pieces that we offer at ALOL.
The many bangles and other accessories that Amy is rocking can all be found at Anna Lou of London.
Amy Valentine 22.9.14 (2)Amy Valentine 14.9.14
The Engraved Heart Necklace is a stylish way to personalise your look
Amy Valentine 22.9.14
The Monogram Bracelet looks great on its own or styled with multiple accessories.
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