It’s not a surprise that everyone here at Anna Lou of London is loving the new take on one of our favourite prints, it can only be...  florals! When someone thinks of a floral print, it may trigger thoughts such as warm weather and beach days but now we can have this trend all year round! Not getting rid of the bright colour aspect completely, designers are setting the background to a darker shade that makes the floral print very eye-catching. Designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Escada are all showing off their winter florals by using roses and night flowers, just to name a few. The roses placed on a darker shade adds elegance and romance to this trend. The night flowers are placed on darker shades of natural and earthy tones like green, red, and blue which bring this trend into a new dynamic.
fall_winter_2014_2015_print_trends_rose_prints_on_the_black_background fall_winter_2014_2015_print_trends_floral_prints
There is one thing that could make this fierce new look even better and that would be to add accessories! Anna Lou of London has everything you need to top off any winter floral look.
3479 The Onyx hair claw is perfect for the winter floral trend as it has a beautiful floral design accompanied by darker shade of green. 4150 The Lucky Irish necklace offers a personalised natural look and goes great with the floral trend. 4190 The Emerald Tassel Bracelet is designed with darker shades of green but still adds some shine with the gold charm. Check out more of the Anna Lou of London collection online! xox McKenna Taylor