Stuck on Studs

b Lots of looks today are all about featuring the boyish, edgy side of people. Dark colours like navy, olive green, black, and brown, ripped jeans, Doc Martins, Vans, all that jazz. It’s all about keeping it cool. Accessories are not forgotten: dark leathers, skulls, lots of layering. But what people seem to love the most are studs. Studs on leather bracelets, studded earrings, studded rings, studded bags. I won’t lie to you, I’m big on the studs myself. My personal style is quite boyish, and studs help add to the effect. Conversely, I’ve also noticed people with quite classy or girly style wearing studs. The lovely ladies with the girlier styles usually accessorise with studs to keep up with the trends. And it looks just as cool! Studs are the kind of accessory that can be worn with any style. I love having staple pieces that can be worn with anything anytime, and studded jewellery is great for that. I like to be boyish most of the time, but when I have to dress up and be a little more classy, I add some studs to show off my edgy personality. Some of my absolute favourite Anna Lou of London pieces are the studded bangles. They come in so many colours to fit any type of outfit. The pastel colours are perfect for those classic occasions when you have to be a little more girly. The army greens and monochrome colours are really where it’s at for daily trend-setting outfits. ban Studs are like the new, less cheesy version of bedazzling. Whether you’re girly or boyish, you can wear studs and add edge and glamor to your look. We’re all stuck on studs! By Jessica Kaplan