Angelina Jolie is as regal and beautiful as any woman on Earth – a Greek Goddess if there ever was such a thing. A woman so enchanting and graceful that one has to snap themselves out of a daze-like wonder whenever caught in her presence. We know her not just as an impossibly stylish lady and the very embodiment of elegance, nor simply an incredibly talented and captivating actor, but additionly as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, fighting the good fight to bring relief and aid to struggling parts of the world. 39-year-old Jolie is married to fellow actor Brad Pitt, who met while filming the movie Mr & Mrs Smith. The couple currently raise six children together, three of whom are adopted. Seeing Jolie in glimmering dresses, silk blouses and attractive blazers, it’s easy to forget her style wasn't always this sophisticated. There was a time when she was the ‘bag girl/wild child’, outfitted in a white T-Shirt with black leather jeans. Complete with the name of her second husband Billy Bob Thornton tattooed on her arm (now removed permanently) and wearing a vial of his blood around her dainty neck. Whether Jolie is attending a premiere or assisting at a humanitarian event, she always dresses for the occasion, shifting effortlessly from glitzy to functional ´– but never unfashionable. We love Angelina Jolie and her style. Here’s why: Everything black and all grace, Jolie uses flashes of gold; a bracelet on her right arm and necklaces over an open neck top, to accentuate the dark silk pants and gorgeous black jacket. The longer necklace in particular, reminds us of an Anna Lou of London golden key necklace. Keeping with the sharp jacket, however Jolie switches colours and swaps for a flourished white dress. The subtle white pearls and beige heels top off the outfit that is every bit dignified, as it is striking. Remember that pearls never go out of fashion, and can even evolve into new earring styles. Simplicity doesn’t mean a downgrade to keep looking divine, as Jolie proves on one of her many trips as a U.N Ambassador. Jolie shows off a white blouse, with ever-so-faint vertical lines that diversify a plain garment, into an appealing summer top. If a silk blouse like Miss Jolie's is what you’re after, then a great place to drop by would be the online store of Peter Hahn.