Hanging ten in the hit movie Blue Crush, Kate Bosworth caught our eye as a young and beautiful beach babe, who still continues to wow us with her beauty and style. Kate was born in Los Angeles and moved around the U.S with her family until they settled on the East Coast. Before her acting career, Kate was interested in becoming a professional competitive horse racer and became a champion equestrian rider at the young age of fourteen.
Besides becoming a champion equestrian rider at age fourteen and starring in many  productions such as Superman Returns and the movie 21, Kate is also involved in many charities. She is a member of the Applalachia Service Project who's goal is to make homes warmer, safer, and drier in the specific states of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee.
Besides being versatile in her career and personal life, Kate has an original style that blows many others out of the water. Kate fills the pages of many popular magazines such as Glamour, Company, and Elle.
Her originality and versatility goes beyond her career and can be seen on her everywhere she goes. The style that she embodies is one for the books and all of us here at Anna Lou of London are huge fans of seeing all sides of Kate Bosworth.
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One more fun fact about Kate… She was born with heterochromia iridium, meaning he right eye is hazel and her left eye is blue. How cool is that?!
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