It’s not every day that a mesmerising beauty enters your life with such grace and poise, that you can’t tear your eyes away or even blink, lest you miss a single second of their sheer splendour. Olivia Wilde is that particular beauty. Like a siren blaring on a quiet street or a flame emanating out of the darkness, you’re immediately aware of this new entity in your life. With some small roles in TV and film, Wilde caught the world’s attention when she appeared in the 2010 sci-fi action movie, Tron: Legacy, where her captivating allure, cute pixie cut and skin tight leather suit almost stole the film outright.     30-year-old Wilde is currently engaged to fellow actor Jason Sudeikis, whom she has a new-born son with. It would be enough if Wilde was a fantastic actor, exceedingly fashionable, dedicated mother and a traffic-stopping dream girl, but there’s also a massive altruistic streak running through her. Along with her business partner Barbara Burchfield, Wilde runs a company called Conscious Commerce, whose aim is to link popular brand products to smaller charities around the world.   As for Olivia’s style, this is why we love her: Formal with a hint of flair, this dark blazer is an essential wardrobe item for the modern day girl. It strongly reminds us of the women’s jackets available at Zalando in particular, who never fail to have affordable and quality clothing available. The golden jewellery, namely the large dazzling necklace, unites perfectly with the understated, yet appealing white blouse.     Small touches bring out large results. Olivia showcases the slightest hint of dark purple eye shadow, causing those brilliant green eyes to steal the perception from everybody in the room. The faint rosy cheeks combined with rose lipstick, brings out her stunning features with minimal effort. The blossom print, silk strapless dress teams up perfectly with her golden necklace attached to a large pendant, many more of which you can find at Anna Lou of London. Not always present at events and premieres, Olivia looks just as comfortable in a gorgeous blue blouse, taking care to highlight the bright white buttons. A layered necklace wouldn’t have worked with the tight buttoned up collar for example, however, the checked blazer she wears contains a bit of dazzle if you look close enough.