The scarf and the belt… two of my favourite accessories but having them together is the cherry on top to a fabulous new trend. There are trends sprouting everywhere and everyday. Autumn has come again and winter is not far behind so scarves are obviously a hot commodity, or should I say a 'cold' commodity? This accessory doesn’t only keep the chill away but it also acts as a completion to any outfit. Add in a belt to literally tie the outfit together and you officially have the newest walking trend.
Brands like Burberry have made it apparent that this trend is going to shine and will its way right into your wardrobe. Stars like Olivia Palermo has been seen rocking this look for quite some time now. She mixes different patterns together and creates a look that everyone of us needs to have. This is another trend that is extremely versatile and it doesn't have to be kept in the closet until its cold outside. The scarf and belt can be worn with anything and throughout all of the different seasons. This look can be dressed up or dressed down and always adds a bit of originality to an everyday outfit.
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Accesorise these scarves with:
The Chalk bracelet comes in many different colours and is a simple accessory that will compliment the outfit.
The Plaited Cuff bracelet is a shiny addition to any look!
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McKenna Taylor