After gushing about new trends all over the world, we can’t forget about Paris Fashion week! This year Paris Fashion Week has been filled with stylish, new trends that will leave an impression on us all. Designers set the runway for a show full of surprises and beautiful new collections.
Here are the trends that caught our eye at Paris Fashion Week...
We all love our leather handbags but thanks to Isabel Marant we can cover ourself in this superb fabric. From blouses to trousers, leather has set the scene for the fashion world. Leather not only adds a certain sex appeal but also goes extremely well in and with different patterns and colours. Another benefit of leather... It goes great with accessories!
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Grooving back to the 70's
Even though the 60's have been a huge topic in the fashion world, the 70's has skated it's way onto the runway and most likely our closets as well. Being a huge fan of the 70's with bell-bottoms and crazy patterns we are thrilled that this trend is skyrocketing! This era was about being free and engulfing oneself into the culture being presented. Rock and roll and free love was at an all time high. Now that this trend has made it’s way back to us, we aren’t going to let it go. Along with the great “threads” of the 70s comes with jewellery and lots of it.
Anna Lou of London have the best accessories to go with any trend, especially both of these:
For a leather on leather look, try the Monogram Leather Wrap!
The Indian Lemon necklace gives any outfit a very stylish 70's look!
McKenna Taylor
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