Three Personalised Gifts that they’ll cherish forever from Anna Lou of London

Three personalised gifts that belong under their tree. Commemorate a connection, relationship and eternal friendship by presenting your loved ones with personalised gifts which they can keep forever. Their newly acquired jewellery will become a treasured addition to their trinket box and will be passed down from generation to generation preserving your unbreakable bond. Ask any woman what's the most treasured item in your jewellery box?; the answer, nine times out of ten, is going to be a ruby ring from her Grandma’s 40th wedding anniversary, a silver baby bracelet she was gifted at her Christening or a gold signet ring belonging to someone archaic stemming from the highest branches of her family tree. 5 disc   This Christmas is the perfect opportunity to pick out personalised gifts. With advances in modern technology and the design world, the ability to create customised items tailored to the special people in your life has never been greater. Engraved jewellery has become a scorching trend and one that won’t putter out any time soon. Initials, dates, symbols, monograms and names can be etched intricately into the metal. Such as the initial disc necklace from Anna Lou of London. You could have a whole necklace personifying your friends, sisters or children, depicted in precious metal; one of three Personalised Gifts that they’ll cherish forever. This permanency captures a moment in time and creates a legacy; an emotive and a dramatic statement, but a truthful one. Imagine your great grandchild prising your engraved, and now vintage, jewellery out of the trinket box, they’ll be curious about its history; who it belonged to and what was it for? It’s difficult to imagine jewellery bought today becoming vintage and retro; with advances in technology it’s tricky to determine the appearance of jewellery in the next century. wing_gold The grand finale out of our three personalised gifts. Christmas is the season for giving. The time of year we sob over what is the emotional roller-coaster of the John Lewis Christmas advert. We binge-watch Love Actually and The Holiday while sipping gingerbread lattes flicking through countless gift guides. We think about who is on our nice list and what would be the perfect gift to make their Christmas extra special. A personalised charm, such as the small initial disc necklace, which is a small and multi-purposeful keepsake but can carry as much sentiment as a bigger ornate piece of jewellery while retaining its functionality. The intricate charm can be paired with a birthstone, angel wing or anchor and worn on a contemporary chain. As time fast-forwards the charm could be worn on a charm bracelet or singularly, in keeping with the recipient’s evolving style and taste in jewellery. The small disc charm that you purchase for your friend could wind up on their great-granddaughter’s bracelet, her descendants cluster pendant or kept in a purse for years to come as a lucky charm. My favourite out of the three personalised gifts. Ok I have to admit that’s probably well over Three Personalised Gifts , however there is simply too many gorgeous pieces of jewellery to select from Anna Lou of London’s range of personalised presents. Remember to order with plenty of time on your side as custom-made jewellery can take a little time and you want to ensure that the faces of your loved ones light up as they unwrap your gifts during the festive celebration. Charlotte Letch