Start their jewellery collection, beautiful baby bracelets from Anna Lou of London

It’s that time of year again, OK not Christmas but Christenings. I present to you the perfect gift for a new-born, one of these beautiful baby bracelets from Anna Lou of London. It’s only this year I have picked up on the patter of teeny tiny feet crawling all over my social. I've had moving in celebrations, engagement parties, a hen do or two, weddings and now my close ones are starting to multiply. With babies coming in all shapes and sizes and knowing fine well they'll ruin whatever designer baby grow you get for them, it’s increasingly difficult to know what to buy for your bestie’s baby’s christening. The high-street retailers think they've got this covered by presenting a variety of options ranging from the practical to the darn-right ridiculous. We've the famous Sophie’s giraffe, the mothership of teething toys, a bugaboo; instant yummy-mummy credentials or a Swarovski crystal dummy which miraculously made it through a health and safety audit. All of these are credible options but lack a personal touch. And are rendered useless when baby in question upgrades to toddler. original_personalised-baby-name-bracelet3487_1 Beautiful baby bracelets which would be suitable for Christmas, a birthday or a Christening £45 Whether it's a push present, to commemorate a Christening/religious celebration of choice or to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, these beautiful baby bracelets are just the tonic. Available in sterling silver and with the option to alter the bracelet chain length to fit a baby up to a child, it makes the perfect personalised present to present to your pals little cherub. You can have the engraved bracelet etched with a christening or birthdate and/or their name. These beautiful baby bracelets do serve a purpose once the little one grows up. They can be passed down generations, resized to a bigger chain to act as a cute keepsake charm or to provide a simple reminder for baby when he/she/they grow up of how small their wrists once were. download (3) A novel but sentimental gift that your friend will thank-you for. However it’s the thought that counts and sometimes a card, flowers and a large gin and tonic are all that’s required. Yet beautiful baby bracelets could be passed on to your friend’s grandchild (I won’t be reminding my girlfriends of that quite yet!) and won’t get relegated to the charity shop along with forty mangled Sophie’s giraffes and fifty packs of unopened too small baby socks. Charlotte Letch
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