Who is A??-initial Jewellery to rock your wardrobe

  Initial Jewellery from Anna Lou of London (Spoilers not included)     And why has it taken me so long to jump on the Pretty Little Liars bandwagon? One season down and I’m hooked. Six seasons until A is revealed? Holy macaroni I’m in it for the long haul. London to Sao Paulo kind of long haul minus screaming infants and dubious plane food. Pretty-Little-Liars-HD-Wallpaper Pretty little liars has done unspeakable things to my social life. Let’s be honest, season 2, cookie dough ice cream and a bubble bath is A (see what I did there) cheap and B; all kinds of awesome. p bracelet I'm so obsessed I'm tempted to purchase some initial jewellery to add a little mystery and intrigue to my everyday ensemble. A ubiquitous “A” bracelet would be cool, current and would unite myself and other PLL fans I could potentially meet. You could imagine an initial necklace adorning Hanna or Spencer’s neck. Its classy, chic and well pretty (imaginative charlotte) exactly l protagonists of the series. Are you a PLL fan? Who is your favourite? Are these questions about two years too old? The obsession has just started for me, ensue excess googling of conspiracy theories, PLL inspired make up tutorials and where I can buy other PLL merch. Share my new found fixation. Begin at Anna Lou of London by picking up your “A” pendant to humour your friends and confuse your relatives. initial_silv If you are not a Pretty Little Liars fanatic not to worry, Anna Lou of London’s initial jewellery is available in every letter of the alphabet! Choose from a classic initial disc pendant, a monogram initial necklace or a sideways letter necklace. The letter of choice could be your own initial or the letter of a loved one. Customise further with charms, birthstones and additional discs! The possibilities are endless and with Christmas around the corner, is there ever a better time of year to stock up on initial jewellery? Charlotte Letch
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