Three Ways to Wear a White Shirt

Three Ways to wear a white shirt The white shirt, no longer the staple of your childhood uniform wardrobe but now, your crisp and clean base layer. It’s easy and versatile and ready to accommodate any style. How to accessorise a white shirt in three different ways Layer it up Wear a White shirt Layer it up Putting chains of different lengths together creates a great layered effect. Don’t mix necklaces that are too similar in length as overlapping pendants blocking each other out is not a great look! Arm Candy Cuff Wear a White shirt arm candy Roll up your sleeve and let your jewellery be the cuff! Mix up different textures and styles to create a great quirky look. Keeping the colour the same makes piece fit together, even if in all other aspects they’re completely different. God Save the Queen! Wear a White Shirt god save the queen We are love everything to be Beautifully British, so in this look we’re paying tribute to the queen and the Union Jack. Putting a coloured top over your shirt gives a solid background to the jewellery whilst the visible white colour still gives the look a pop of white with a structured neck-line. All jewellery featured is available here.