Bestie-Jewellery for your partner in crime

“They say nothing lasts forever; Dreams change, Trends come and go, But friendships never go out of style”- Carrie Bradshaw carrie Wise words iterated by noughties icon Carrie Bradshaw, the modern muse for the name necklace. It’s true, where in the world would we be without our best friends? bestie Take the past week. I've recently moved to London and It’s easy to feel like a (clichéd) small fish in a big pond, leaving everything you know behind you (ensue another SATC quote). When things are tough there's nothing like your bestie coming to your rescue whisking you away at the weekend for Brick lane shenanigans (bestie in question I have known since I was three!). Besties deserve some kind of prize, a standing ovation for putting up with you when things get a little difficult. They see you (especially the ones who have had the pleasure of living with you!) at your best and worst and you know they’ll be in your life when you’re both grey and wrinkly. best friends heart_01 When you think of best friend jewellery your mind instantaneously jumps to those classic interlocking “best” “friends” heart necklaces, if your my age (not telling) you probably owned one at some point during the nineties. Seriously, everyone in year six had one. Since then “best friend” jewellery has transformed into a progressively popular trend with hundreds of bestie-themed pieces hitting the high street. Purchasing “best friend” jewellery for your soulmate will time warp you both back to playing in the playground, growing up in the 80s/ 90s/noughties (whichever decade you are from). I’m thinking scrunchies, hair glitter and Pokémon cards. Every time they look at their newly acquired girly chic treasure they'll be (reminded of their awesome friend) filled to the brim with nostalgia, but will be sporting a modern and timeless piece of jewellery which they'll cherish forever. bestie Commemorate your unending friendship with one of Anna Lou’s bestie bracelets. A poignant gift for that someone in your life or a keepsake for yourself to remind you of your eternal friendships. Adorned with a glittery finish, this precious bracelet certainly has the bling factor and, like your bestie, will bring lots of sparkle in to your life. 4203IMG_6436 Alternatively treat your best friend/bestie/partner in crime to one of Anna Lou’s cute-as-a-button little BFF necklaces, which is short, sweet and succinct (which describes another “bestie” of mine in a nutshell). Or this rather fabulous (and rather apt) “partner in crime” necklace which will remind you of said shenanigans with your pals.   Charlotte Letch