Fashion in Film – Our favourite Jewellery Moments

Throughout the years, jewellery and fashion have always played a big part in the style of films and often play a defining part in so many successful movies. Whether as iconic props or memorable fashion moments sometimes the film itself can be identified purely by the iconic piece of jewellery. With that in mind we thought it would be fun to round up a few of our own favourite jewellery moments within films from both the past and present and challenge you to see if you can identify the classic movie simply by its defining piece of jewellery? Movie buffs get ready…
  1. Found at the bottom of the ocean and the only item of clothing to be drawn on a famous portrait, this large blue stone necklace uncovers the many secrets of a tragic love story aboard a famous boat.  What film are we talking about?
  2. A ruby and diamond necklace was presented to our favourite Julia Roberts character, but as she reaches for it the box snaps back on her fingers in an iconic scene that was originally intended for the outtakes reel. What’s the film?
  3. Every morning, wearing a long black dress, gloves and a diamond and pearl necklace, the main character in this film stares into her favourite jewellery shop while eating a croissant. What film are we describing?
  4. An iconic pop star turned actress for this key role, in which she epitomises 80s style in hairbands, scrunchies and layers of arm candy. Name that film?
The pic above might give you a bit of a clue on at least one!