Flower Power: The Latest Trend in Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are hardly new. They've been a tradition for centuries, whether as part of a marriage proposal, or just as a special gift. But recently, there's been a trend in diamonds that hasn't quite been seen before. In opposition to the typical diamond shapes - emerald cut, princess cut, marquis cut, and the like - flower diamond rings are blooming all around the marketplace like an eternal spring. Read on to find out more about this cheerful new trend. Kiev Flower Rings as Engagement Rings Flowers are wonderful, but they die so quickly. The solution? If you follow the latest trends in diamond jewelry, it appears that a forever blooming flower engagement ring is the best way to go. Perhaps the trend is inspired by the ever-growing popularity of fancy color diamonds, which offers jewelers and designers a completely different set of tools to work with when creating diamond jewelry. After all, what could be more meaningful than a flower engagement ring made with a diamond in your love's favorite color? However, colored diamonds aren't the only ones showing up in flower rings. Even in the world of the traditional white diamond designs like the lotus flower ring are popping up everywhere, and becoming increasingly popular. Flower ring 2   Vintage Diamond Flower Rings Another trend in the world of diamonds is vintage inspired rings. Who doesn't love Old Hollywood glamour or the refined look of vintage jewelry? Now, that jewelry style has been merged with the flower trend to create lovely vintage inspired flower diamond rings, often with rose gold or other unique metal choices. Sapphire ring  What's in a Color? For those considering a flower diamond ring with a colored diamond, there are several options to choose from. Picking the recipient's favorite color is one way to include a beautiful colored diamond in the ring. Another is to choose a color that represents the month of your recipient's birth, much like a birthstone. If you have no color guidance to go on, choosing a rare color has sentimental meaning - that your recipient is a rare flower. The rarest colors in the fancy color diamond world are red and purple, with true pink (meaning a pink that has no modifying colors) following close behind. The Argyle Pink Fancy Diamond from Australia, for instance, is one of the most highly sought after pink diamonds. Yellow and orange are also popular colors, and since it is rare to see those colors included in diamond jewelry you can create some very unique combinations with yellow and orange fancy color diamonds. Anniversary and Other Rings Another wonderful idea for capitalizing on the flower diamond ring trend is to offer one as an anniversary gift. Some people opt to include colors to symbolize the number of years together - such as yellow for a golden anniversary - while others choose to add petals or leaves each year. Of course, you can also simply use a flower diamond ring on its own without any modification as a beautiful anniversary gift. Additionally, some parents choose to give smaller flower diamond rings to their daughters as 16th birthday gifts, or as graduation gifts. No matter how you choose to incorporate this latest trend into your life - even if it's a gift for yourself - or the life of someone special to you, a flower that never fades is, metaphorically and literally, a beautiful thing.